Screening Licenses

Show LOVE COVERS ALL at your church!  Movies can be an awesome way to create dialog and conversation about faith in Jesus Christ. We provide a license that allows you to legally show the film at your church or public event.

Are you a Pastor or Ministry Leader?  Email us for a secure screening link to watch the film before committing!

$75 (All Event Sizes)

NOTE: Price too high?  Please contact us for a quote.

» DVD of Love Covers All
» License for one location

Show STANDING FIRM at your church!  Movies can be an awesome way to open up conversation among unsaved friends and family as well as edify the believers already in your church. We provide a license that allows you to legally show the film to at your organization or public event.

$75.00 (All Event Sizes)


» DVD of Standing Firm
» License for one location

Frequently Asked Questions

I already own the DVD. Why do I need a license?
Copyright law is clear concerning the use of retail DVDs in any environment outside of your home. The screening kits make it possible for you to gain a license to allow showing the film in other locations besides a home LEGALLY. NOTE: This film is NOT covered by a CVLI license and a license MUST be purchased to legally show the film to your congregation or organization.

Why do the church screenings cost so much?
Films are expensive to produce and the rental revenue does help pay for these productions so we can make more of them!  Don’t forget you can show the film an unlimited number of times throughout the year, so you get your money’s worth!

Can we charge admission for the screening?
Yes. Many churches charge admission to pay for the license fee or use the screening as a fundraiser. This is a special thing we allow to help out our supports and make it more viable for smaller churches where $99 is harder to come by in the church budget.

How can I be sure that the films are appropriate for screening at my church?
We understand the need to make sure a film is doctrinally/spiritually sound before showing it to your congregation, as well as the content and any “questionable” things within. Please take the time to read the Dove Foundation’s review of our films for a more details breakdown of what’s in them.

We’re in a small group from a church that is meeting in a home, do we still need the license?
If your group is meeting in a home, you do NOT need a license.

The cost is too much for us, what can we do?
We understand in these economic times, that spending even a hundred dollars for a church could be taxing. However, consider these great ideas for recouping the cost of your screening kit:

1. Sell refreshments at your event like drinks, popcorn, etc.

2. Request a “love offering” from viewers as they exit.

3. The week before screening, ask your congregation to add to their regular giving to cover the cost. Even with smaller congregations buying that may be 100 or less, it’s barely $1 over their normal weekly giving.