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Filmmaking, Script Submissions, & Resumes

Q: How can I get into filmmaking?
A: There is a wealth of information available on the internet on this subject. Check out for some excellent articles on filmmaking. is an online community dedicated to film and art. Google is your friend!

Q: Can I work on the next movie? I’d like to be an actor or crew member?
A: To contact us for future reference whether you be an actor, crew member, or curious volunteer please sent us an email at

Q: Can I send Praise Pictures my script or synopsis?
A: We do not accept any ideas, scripts, books, or screenplays, even for review for legal reasons.

Q: Can I submit my music for use in an upcoming film?
A: We are always looking for new talent in future projects. Please send your requests to

Church Screenings & Site Licenses

Q. Can I show Standing Firm at my church?
A: Yes you can! In order to show Standing Firm in any public setting, you will need to order a Site License from us. Home entertainment DVDs are licensed only for home use. The Praise Pictures releases are not covered by CVLI (Christian Video Licensing Inc.) or MPLC (Motion Picture Licensing Corp.). You can learn more about hosting a Standing Firm Movie Event here.

Q: Can we show the movie more than once?
A: Yes. During the license period, you may show the movie as many times as you wish!

Q: Can we charge admission for the screening?
A: Yes. Many churches charge admission to pay for the license fee. Our movie events can make excellent fundraisers.

Q: Why do I need a license for my screening?
A: DVD’s bought or rented from a store are licensed for home-use only. It is illegal to publicly exhibit such a film. Purchasing a site license gains you legal access to screen the film in a public environment.

Q. What if we didn’t purchase a license and publicly showed the movie?
A: Under the Federal Copyright Act, any organization’s public exhibition of a Praise Pictures film without prior license and consent is in violation of the law and is subject to financial penalties in excess of $100,000. Whether intentional or inadvertent, publicly showing a Praise Pictures film without the proper license is in violation of the Copyright Act. Please contact us with any questions.

Q: How can I request a speaker from Praise Pictures to come to my church, school, or ministry event?
A: Formal speaking requests are handled by Kyle Prohaska. Contact us for more information.